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can I lose weight without restriction?

pursuing intentional weight loss without restricting

Lately, I've been having conversations with clients who are stuck in a messy headspace: I want to lose weight, but I don't want to go back to restrictive dieting or intentional nutrition shifts. These aren't easy conversations or feelings. Can you relate?

If you've found yourself wondering the same, I want you to know I totally get that cumbersome, messy gray space. Here's what I have to say about it:

  • Please don't judge yourself for wanting weight loss or body changes. It is so understandable. You're not a bad person or bad at being body positive if you want to lose weight or change your body. After all, the majority of the messaging we've received says we should want to.

  • Often, we want the feelings and experiences that we associate with weight loss or with times when our bodies were different than they are now. Consider: is it possible to access these feelings and experiences in the body you're currently in?

  • You may have friends or family that are pursuing weight loss; sometimes, that makes us feel unsettled. You have to remember: the choices other people make about their bodies are about them. The feelings of "why not me?" can shake your grounding and certainty.

  • Doing what is in alignment with your values matters. Your autonomy matters. Spending time reflecting on what you value in your life is something so many of us need to do after years of valuing the diet culture standards we were handed.

TL;DR -- I'm no stranger to these thoughts. Know that if you needed to read this today, it's not because I read your mind. It's because you're not alone

If you're sitting in the swamp of body thoughts, there's a Rest Days episode that's perfect for you. Have a listen below!

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