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are there benefits to mushroom coffee?

There is no clickbait more enticing, in my opinion, than the marketing for RYZE Mushroom Coffee. I receive close to 1 RYZE ad, reel, or post per week from folks asking, "is this legit?" Even my own mother has called me to ask if she should order some.

Here's the quick and dirty on this earthy morning routine so you can decide what's best for you:

What is mushroom coffee?

Mushroom coffee isn't just dried up mushrooms and instant coffee. Manufacturers dry specific types of mushrooms and extract the nutrients from them. Then, they're blended with ground coffee. 

Mushrooms are one of the most nutrient dense plants on Earth! Typically, mushroom coffee sources from Reishi, Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, and Chaga mushrooms. 

A surprise to no one, the Western world did not discover the health benefits of mushrooms; they've been utilized for centuries for their adaptogenic properties in Vedic, Greek, Chinese, and Egyptian cultures. Today, more than 100 medicinal mushroom species are used in Asia.

How does mushroom coffee compare to regular coffee?

A lot of the marketing for these products hits hard at coffee drinking habits. Incorrectly, ads and influencer affiliate content names coffee as the source of hormonal imbalances, weight gain, and inflammation. 

My perspective? You can sell a lot more product when consumers use it as part of a daily routine rather than every once in a while. Replacing your morning coffee with mushroom coffee? Sounds like you'll need a subscription!

Coffee itself contains beneficial antioxidants and is well-studied for its health protective benefits. Cup for cup, mushroom coffee contains half the amount of caffeine in regular coffee, which may be ideal for folks decreasing caffeine intake.

Some claim mushroom coffee tastes just like coffee. And others, myself included, can't get past the distinct earthiness. 

What are the proposed benefits of mushroom coffee?

First, it's important to know that there is a difference between a health claim and a scientifically-backed result. Mushroom coffee companies utilize the health claims of nutrient-dense mushrooms [e.g. better sleep, decreased inflammation, lower cortisol, strengthen immune health] without two essential pieces of information. We have to ask these two questions:

1. Does the mushroom coffee product maintain the same nutrient density and health benefits of medicinal mushrooms after being dried and extracted?

2. How many quality studies exist to support the health claims for folks who drink mushroom coffee daily? [none yet].

Yes, mushrooms have incredible health benefits and medicinal properties, and also... the effects of mushroom coffee specifically are not yet confirmed outside of folks' anecdotal experiences.

But Ri, isn't that just clickbait?

The ads suggesting your arm fat and belly fat 'melting' away from drinking mushroom coffee are quintessential clickbait. You can't mushroom coffee your way out of chronic stress, insufficient nutrient intake, or low calorie intake. Mushroom coffee is not a high fiber food that balances blood sugar. 

However, a lot of products use health claims in their marketing to reach specific audiences and sell their products. Being a smart, informed consumer is essential.

Just like fashion trends, food trends will come and go, too. My best advice is to not let urgency to change your body drive your decisions. 

Should I switch to mushroom coffee?

You do you! If you're looking for a morning ritual to swap out the morning coffee, maybe give it a try. You could also have decaf, herbal tea, a smoothie, or another morning beverage at a fraction of the cost and with proven nutritional benefits. 

I have clients that love mushroom coffee and clients that don't! It has yet to fix anyone's life or expedite any health improvements. You can focus on your health with or without it. 

I hope this review gives you something to quiet the gremlin brain the next time you see a mushroom coffee ad. If you've got questions, comment below. Don't hesitate to ask them in my next Ask Away series on Instagram.

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