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what to eat when it's hot out

get out the mega-babe*: it's sweatin' season

does your appetite decrease with the summer months? on a walk with my nutrition group here in new orleans, we shared a moment of curiosity and slight concern: how the heck am i going to eat and move this summer? fueling yourself in the summertime is just as important as any other time of year! with beach plans, trips, weddings, and swimsuits, you may already be anxious about eating as much food as you usually do. layer in that summertime heat, and it almost feels like we have a 'good' reason to not eat as much... a little dieting on the DL. well, i'm here to gently nudge you out of that headspace so you can nourish yourself this summer, even if it's tough. some of my top recommendations for foods when the weather is hot AF include...

  • fresh fruit with a side of cheese. both options hydrate and deliver electrolytes lost in sweat. pack ice packs in your lunch bag to prevent sad, lukewarm cheese.

  • ________ salad. fill in the blank: tuna, chicken, salmon, chickpea, pasta, potato. if the thought of mayo and 90 degree weather sends a chill down your spine, opt for binding options like avocado or plain yogurt.

  • adult lunchable. choose your carb crunch [crackers, pretzels, etc.], veggie, fruit, and protein. i typically opt for deli slices or jerky. throw in a little lunch dessert like frozen peanut butter cups for fun.

  • smoothie pops. make your favorite smoothie [add yogurt or coconut milk for creamy texture and satiety] into frozen popsicles!

  • caprese. the combo of tomato, mozzarella, and basil are peak summer to me. add in avocado and cucumber for additional texture and nutrients [yes, my italian relatives are waving their fists]. go greek with a feta, tomato, cucumber, olive variation.

  • big salads. pull out the pyrex bowl and load it up, baby. i've been enjoying half broccoli slaw [got it at TJ's] with half greens, heirloom tomatoes, bell peppers, pine nuts, hearts of palm, green goddess dressing [also a TJ's find, buy the seasoning + make at home!], and a Gianni's chicken burger cooked in the air fryer.

  • parfaits. opt for a yogurt [or even a cottage cheese] as a base. nonfat Greek may feel too tart and thick for a hot summer day; cut the edge with honey and a drop of vanilla extract. top with fruits, granola, chocolate chips, and seeds.

  • cold pancake sammy. this one is odd, i know. prep some pancakes for the fridge [or defrost from frozen] and when it's time for a snack, make a nut butter sandwich out of two chilled pancakes. drizzle of honey, sprinkle of cinnamon - yes please.

those are just a handful of my favorites. what foods keep you cool and nourished in the summertime? i'd love to hear your ideas, too!

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