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good news about rest days

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

ever feel like you need to eat less on rest days... because you haven't quite "earned" your food intake?

here's the [very cool, good] thing: the bulk of your energy needs comes from your basal metabolic rate — the number of calories you need for your body to just exist and breathe and carry out thousands of metabolic processes.

my love don’t cost a thing but cellular respiration sure does, y’all!

exercise accounts for just 10-15% of your total energy needs, so cutting back in food on rest days is Generally a Bad Idea™️. those missing nutrients are needed for your brain, your recovering body, your hormonal balance, and your mood (let’s not get hangry, right?).

if you’re asking yourself, “well then what is the point of exercise anyway?” consider this: a black and white mentality around nutrition and exercise can sabotage our relationship with food. exercise is not the price you pay for the food you eat, but it can sure feel that way when we are all-or-nothing thinkers.

when we introduce ourselves to more nuance, more context, and more individualization with nutrition, we can learn what actually works for us and our bodies! and... we can get pretty freakin' strong, too.

exercise provides me with the chance to communicate with my body in an encouraging, positive way. it took a while to get here, though I'm glad for the relationship I now have with food and exercise. what's your favorite way to move?


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